R1 / Beta 2 - IPFS Release
Website: http://haiku-os.org

Anyboot images can be written raw to a USB drive, burned to optical media as an ISO, or booted in emulators.

32-bit (x86_gcc2)

Release: R1 Beta 2 for 32-bit Intel/AMD Computers.
Compatibility: BeOS ABI Compatible
sha256: 86a679c0de115d68c9e53ff37ee719aa7fe62853aa09932be54fafb3ff4dca46

Anyboot Image

64-bit (x86_64)

Release: R1 Beta 2 for 64-bit Intel/AMD Computers.
Compatibility: Not BeOS ABI Compatible
sha256: e6e0451983d9cffbf27c05f2863f11ad0b30e843196e6a1eb85559ffc18edb0c

Anyboot Image